Witch, Please Quote.

Woah, how quick are these weeks going? It’s Wednesday again, not only that it’s almost Halloween!

Obviously that means this week’s illustrated quote takes on a bit of a spooky feel! I’m not afraid to say I spend an inordinate time thinking I could be a witch, that’s a lie, wishing I was a witch!! Growing up I watched so much Sabrina and The Worst Witch I was convinced I should have a black cat called midnight. When i hit eleven I hoped so hard that I’d get that Hogwarts letter, but it just didn’t happen. Maybe my powers are just late to the party? Right?

I recently finished the third series of American Horror Story- Coven, I was in my element. There is nothing sassier than a witch on a mission. So although my powers are yet to materialise; I can’t mind read, I can’t fly, I’m channelling witch sassiness as much as I can at the moment. Yes, it sounds crazy, but it helps me get through the day!

So If you are feeling down, anxious or stressed this week pretend you are a witch, befriend some cats and maybe a toad and find an awesome black hat. With Halloween around the corner, no one will question your witchy ways!  If they do just use my new favourite Halloween phrase “Witch, please”.

witch please quote  

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