Why I love Glitter!

I love glitter.

Its simple and probably pretty obvious but i love glitter and sequins. I’m not even sure why I’m drawn towards such luscious sparkliness, perhaps I’m a little bit magpie!

There is nothing that makes me happier in the world than running my hands through my sequin box, like the feeling of sand falling through your fingers, but 1000 times better because it’s sequins and every piece is different, shiny and beautiful.

Perhaps I just love the optimism of glitter, how can anyone be sad when sparkles are involved? Physically impossible! When people point out I have glitter on my face I’m not embarrassed, I’m happy, because at the end of the day it can only mean that at some point that week I was in contact with glitter, beautiful sparkly glitter and that therefore my life must be pretty great. So in my eyes glitter just makes things/the world more awesome.

And yes if there was a fire I would save my sequin box, 100%.

20140919-123932 am-2372590.jpg

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