Welcoming house plants to the home of a plant murderer

House plants are bang on trend right now, I’m wondering why they even went away. However it’s a trend Ive been weary of joining.


I am a nightmare with plants, a plant murder in fact. I water them, they die. I don’t water them, they die. I put them in sunlight, they die. You get the idea, plants stay well away from me and I from them.

However since I left home, I missing being surrounded by greenery. We have no garden and the odd tree on the high street just isn’t cutting it. So I decided it was about time to give some plants ago.

My mum gave me a little plant in a teacup for Christmas, which is so hardcore it needs little attention from me. And drum roll please….. Is still alive. Using this as a boost I ventured to homebase to select a few hard wearing plants that I hopefully cannot kill.

I went for three little cactuses, a little light green one and one called a money tree (excuse the lack of technical naming, I’m no Alan Titchmarsh!) I also bought a white pot and a silver pot as they were in ugly brown plastic containers, all items were below £3 each.

I also repotted the cactuses in to little glass jars, which I think make them look really cute and kind of make up for the fact I don’t have a terrarium. It’s nice to see all of their little roots too.

So fingers crossed on how they survive, I’ll keep you posted!

Any tips on looking after house plants, please comment below! I need all the help I can get!

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