Using a Scrapbook to help with Anxiety and Depression

Beating Anxiety and Depression by Scrapbooking!

I recently posted a Video Talking about how I am using a scrapbook to help me fight my Anxiety and depression. You can find the video here! I wanted to pop some close up shots of the scrapbook here on my blog so you can see some more detail.

I’m really struggling with having CBT and finding a way to help myself beat my Anxiety and Depression, so I decided the best thing to do was to get crafting! I love having a project and having an outcome so creating something I could use to calm myself down and remind myself that I am not a failure, would not only give me a tool to use but also a process to continue getting better.

I thought that by sharing this very personal bit of crafting, it may help someone else who is also struggaling with treatment. Plus a bit of glitter makes everything a little better right?

IMG_9525 copy

I popped my favourite illustration on the front of my Scrapbook “She always wears black, But she has the most colourful mind’ Since I wanted to have pretty things in here as well as important things!

IMG_9527 copy

I thought it best to get straight to the point, Failure is something im really struggling to deal with, turning my thought process around is the main point of this book- to remind me of all of the reasons I am not a failure.


I had these hearts left over from something I cut on my cricut, so I added little words to them and popped them inside an envelope. These are to remind me of things when I’m having a bad day.

IMG_9532 copy

This is one of the only photos I have added so far, A photo from my graduation. I found Uni really hard- so the fact this photo even exsists is a good reminder for me, that I can do it!

IMG_9535 copy

I’m going to add lots of things I’m proud of/that make me happy- My pinterest is certainly one of those!

IMG_9537 copy

IMG_9538 copy

Reasons to Live/Be grateful/Be happy. I stuck in a list of reminders, sometimes I need reminding.

IMG_9545 copy

I used a cute stamp to add little quotes like this, on some the pages. It’s important to me that this book is full of things to see and do, so that when I’m having a panic attack or a low moment I can look at it and be distracted by all of the prettiness- You never know it might just work!

IMG_9550 copy

IMG_9551 copy

I still have a lots of the serious stuff to enter, but for now I have added lots of pretty and fun stuff. Confetti quotes never get old!


IMG_9553 copy

A little pocket with an insert of a list of all of the things I love.

IMG_9555 copy

My fave quote had to make an appearence, “It’s okay to be a glowstick, Sometimes we need to break before we shine”. Unicorns had to make an appearance too!


IMG_9558 copy

I wrote a long list of things to do when I feel sad.

IMG_9568 copy


IMG_9571 copy

I’m really pleased with these pages as they use the contents of the April and May Glittery hands Boxes, all my illustrations and designs. So although they are yet to be filled in, they already mean something good!

IMG_9573 copy

IMG_9574 copy


IMG_9575 copy


I finished up with a Bowie quote.

This is very much a work in progress, a lot of the Hard/ Important stuff is still to go in. But I wanted to share this with you to help others that are also struggling with CBT. Crafting a making works great for me, to calm down and give me purpose. I feel like this book is a great way for me to sit down and craft for myself and to look after myself in the future.


Let me know if you like the idea of this, or have any other creative ways to fight Depression and Anxiety.

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