Using a bus blind as a wall hanging.

20141106-014341 pm-49421365.jpg

I bought this amazing bus blind from eBay last year, for around £25. I wanted to introduce some neon into the living room as i live in a rented flat painting the walls is a no go, so a wall hanging seemed like the perfect option.

What makes this even more amazing is that all of these buses stop outside our house! Its such an easy way to get a really personal touch into your living room of the places you’ve been or live. Its also a great conversation starter.

There are loads of options and price ranges for these on ebay, I believe you can even buy personalised ones too. Which will save you the hassle of trawling through to find one from your area.

My one is actually almost double the length of the wall, I have folded it on itself now instead of cutting it because obviously when i move into my mansion I will want it at full length!!!!

So get a little bus chic in your life!

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