Trick or treat yo ‘self quote.

Hello Glitter kittens! It’s Halloween week! Time to get spooky!

I’m very excited as it’s the first time I’ve lived in a house where I will get trick or treaters! (I’ve always lived in flats or houses that are tucked away so don’t get many callers) I’m going to make up some little treat bags for our house callers full of goodies, I’ll share this with you later in the week of course!

I’ve popped my pumpkins outside (find the DIY’s here and here!) and hung up my Glitter Skull Garland so that everyone will know to come to our door! So spooky! I Really hope everyone will be dressed up and looking wonderful like they do in American films. I’ll be disappointed if they aren’t!

Most importantly my little witchy friends, treat yourself this Halloween weekend. Grab a handful of sweets and chocolate for yourself,  sit down and watch Hocus Pocus with pizza and your BFF. Thats what ill be doing (with my cat ears on of course!).

Trick or treat quote 2

Happy Halloween Glitter Kittens!

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