Top eleven tips for moving house

So moving house is the most stressful thing ever! I’ve just moved house yay! However, I’ve found the process of moving from a flat to a house to be a minefield of checklists and boxes. It’s chaos! I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve learnt along the way. So here are my top eleven tips for moving house!

1. Make lists.

Your head will be all over the shop so make lists, lots of lists. But be sure to keep them to hand, it’s easy for those pesky little pieces of paper to get lost in a box of rubbish so keep them together in a little notebook.

2. Get on the phone.

You are going to have to ring up a million different people to sort out utilities, internet, various estate agent things but keep it calm. Make a cup of tea gather all of the information you need and find a comfy chair, you WILL be sat waiting listening to elevator music for half an hour so make them most of it, sit back and take a moment for yourself!

3. Be prepared.

Be prepared when ringing up to sort out utilities etc, make sure you have everything to hand even the bits of info you might not think are relevant. This will not only help everything get sorted a lot quicker it will also mean you are not tripping over things frantically looking for that piece of paper you were sure you left in the kitchen but is actually balanced on top of a chaotic pile of things on the sofa all while someone is patiently waiting on the phone.

4. Sort it out.

Take the time whilst packing to have a good sort out and clean, there is nothing worse than moving to a beautiful new place and being faced with a pile of junk you don’t really want that’s covered in dust. Get sorted so that the moving in part is exciting and enjoyable.

I took the time to be really ruthless with my stuff if I didn’t need or use it anymore I piled it into a bag for the charity shop or to give to friends.

5. Inventory.

If you are renting Like me, take the time to check your inventory. It’s worth making sure everything is on there so that you don’t get stung for it later, take your own photos too of anything noted.

Go around and check every light, switch and socket works as well as all appliances. If you do this now its more likely to be fixed as soon as possible (this depends on your Landlord though!)

6. Essentials.

Pack the things you’ll need right away into a separate box so you can get to them quickly. Particularly essentials like the kettle and tea and coffee

7. Label.

If friends and family are helping you move label things to go into the corresponding rooms so that you don’t have to be there to point each box to the right place


For moving day be sure to check where it’s okay to park up and unload, the last thing you want is a parking ticket!

9. Estate agents.

One thing to know about estate agents is that they will want everything you need to do for them done yesterday, but anything you need them to do will take them forever. Unfortunately its just the way they work, so to avoid stress (and undoubtedly a million phone calls from them) make sure everything is set your end. Then just take into consideration that they will take their sweet time.

10. File it.

Get a folder for the landslide of various important paperwork that will arrive through your letterbox, so that you know exactly where everything is and can just place it straight into the right folder without any worries. You could even go to town and decorate the folder if you bored of packing.

11. Nest.

Once moved in and unpacked don’t feel guilty about sitting down and doing nothing, you need a little time to settle in and nest! So make the most of it, order a pizza and relax!


Good Luck with your moving adventure! If you have any more useful tips let me know!

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  1. Jessica L says:

    Schedule paint jobs: This is most useful especially when you are a renter – check to see if there is a need for a touch-up paint job before you move out. If that’s the case, make an appointment with a painter before the move.

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