Throwing Glitter Everywhere | theseglitteryhands 

Yesterday I got to spend the day with my bestest friend Alice, it was an epic day full of pizza and Krispy Kreme doughnuts. But the best part was I got to throw glitter around and take some pretty cool photos. 

Be under no illusion that getting a perfect look at me surrounded in glitter photo is easy though. Getting the glitter to look pretty at the right moment is one struggle but getting your face to be arranged in a half decent formation whilst glitter is about to fly into your eye is a whole different glittery ball game. 

Now I love glitter and sequins more that the average person, so this was an absolute dream come true. Also it came with the added bonus that my whole flat is covered in glitter and I have glittery eyebrows! 

I totally recommend getting your girls together with some sequins, popping your camera on sports mode and having some fun . New facebook profile photo? Tick!

A massive thankyou to Alice for being an amazing photographer and glitter thrower!


Let me know what you think of them ✨✨

Ej x

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