Birthday Craft Party!

Today theseglitteryhands turns one! To celebrate a whole year of craft loveliness, I hosted a birthday crafternoon for a few of my girl gang. There is nothing better than gathering all of your pal’s around a table for a little bit of crafting.

Here’s what happened (and some top tips on hosting your own crafternoon)….

IMG_4533 copy

IMG_4540 copy

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There were lots of Balloons! The theme was a confetti birthday party, so that meant lots of colour, lots of bunting and lots of balloons!

I made my own confetti balloons, by buying clear latex balloons, filling them up with confetti pieces and blowing them up with helium.

IMG_9297 copy

IMG_9300 copy

I hung bunting across the room, I always follow the rule with bunting that you should always buy at least one more than you think you need. This always gived you the effect you were after! There is nothing worse than sparse bunting! I used the £1 paper bunting from tiger, 3 strings worth made the living room look great!

IMG_9301 copy

Even more balloons!

IMG_9322 copy

I pushed two tables together in the centre of my living room and borrowed some chairs to create a long work table. Then to add to the party vibe, I tied a confetti balloon to the back of each  chair.

It’s always good to have all the supplies within easy reach at a craft party, that way everyone can pick what they need as you go. I used two hexagonal wooden boxes from tiger as supply boxes and placed them on the centre of each table.

IMG_9327 copy

To each place at the table, I added a personalised theseglitteryhands quote, backed with glitter card and secured to a plain shopping bag with a paper clip and a sequin. These didn’t really serve any other purpose than to look pretty !

IMG_4520 copy

A party wouldn’t be a party without some confetti and some plastic dinosaurs thrown about the table for good measure!

IMG_9328 copy

IMG_9333 copy

There were sweet treats dotted along the table for everyone to nibble at as they crafted, bowls of popcorn and jars of mixed sweets. I find everyone gets so busy crafting that we never stop to eat or drink so having it there on the table for everyone to grab is a great idea.



IMG_9336 copy

I made a personalised cup for each guest by gluing sequin initials onto paper cups, using a glue gun. I finished these off with colourful silly straws and placed one at each place. Not only did they work as place cards, they meant that everyone drank from the same cup all afternoon and there was no cup confusion! It was also a really cheap and fun thing for the guests to take away at the end if they wanted to.


IMG_9306 copy

Let’s get making!

We made a selection of goodies, from hand printed shopping bags to marbled ring dishes. Here’s a few snaps of everyone hard at work!

IMG_9343 copy

Woooo marbling!

IMG_9370 copy

Lots of the girls have been asking to do marbling for a while, so I let them loose with the marbling inks and some paper to make marbled cards.



The famous brownies! I baked a massive batch of my famous (not really famous)  brownies as well as some meringue kisses, which were supposed to be nice and colourful but didn’t quite end up that way! fail! At least they tasted good!

IMG_9386 copy

More marbling!

IMG_9391 copy

IMG_9398 copy

IMG_9403 copy

I went all out with the balloons, it’s not every day you get to have balloons and bunting adorning your living room so why the hell not!

IMG_9420 copy

Yes, I wore double sequins and glittery cat ears, that’s just how I roll!

IMG_4661 copy

Thankyou girls for celebrating a whole year of theseglitteryhands with me, It was so much fun and everythig you made was awesome 🙂

Get hosting your own craft party with your girl gang, you wont regret it!

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