The Glittery Hands Box- A Monthly Craft Subscription Box

Hello Glitter Kittens!

VERY EXCITING NEWS!!!!!! Theseglitteryhands is in the process of creating a monthly craft subscription box full of craft supplies! The Glittery Hands Box will be a monthly craft surprise full of useful things to add to your craft collection.

tgh box 3I need your help to crowdfund my project on Kickstarter to reach my goal of £1200!

You can check out my Kickstarter page here!

For a while now I have been searching for the perfect subscription box, lots of my friends have beauty boxes delivered and I started to wonder why there wasn’t a box full of crafty goodness that I would want in my letter box. I found some available in the USA, some that were project based, lots that were aimed at planner and scrapbookers but nothing that had the sassy bold craft supplies I desired or that came from the UK.

So I decided why not make my own?, I couldn’t be more qualified in buying and picking out craft supplies (I’d probably be described as a craft hoarder!) So why not create the perfect box I was after and share it with everyone else?

As a craft Blogger, I am seeing a growing trend in young bold crafters, you’ll find no filigree or cutesy teddy bears in straw hats around, its all about sass, bright, bold, statement colours and crafting the life you want to have. However I feel this market isn’t being catered for here in the UK, Crafters are having to look overseas for craft supplies, stickers, tapes, stamps they are after. This exactly the type of thing The Glittery Hands Box will be full of!

What Is The Glittery Hands Box?

Put simply, The Glittery hands Box is a monthly subscription box filled with surprise Craft supplies.

Each month the box is subtly themed, it could be anything from mermaids to The 90’s to pineapples. Every month the box will contain at least two reusable high-quality pieces, such as Ink pads, tools, paints- Items that will be perfect to addition to your craft tool box. The box will also contain lots of bits and pieces such as papers, sequins, Pom-poms, buttons- gems all of those pieces you swoon over on the daily.

It will also contain Glitter! (obviously!) That will be hand mixed by me to match the theme each month!

I will design illustrated papers to compliment each theme, and as the box grows I will be championing small craft businesses as well as illustrators and artists by adding custom pieces designed/made by them into the boxes too.

The box will not be project based, instead, it will contain different craft supplies, so there will be something for everyone! If you need inspiration or tutorials for what to do with your box or how to use some of the contents, I will be creating monthly tutorials on my blog to tie in with the boxes release, these will go up just after the box arrives so as not to spoil the surprise!

I plan to launch the first boxes in April. With subscriptions opening in March. Anyone interested in getting a box can currently add their email to our email list on our website to be notified as soon as subscriptions open. This will also give me a great marker on how popular the box is pre-sales.

I need funding for The Glittery Hands Box so that I can set up the box with the minimum financial risk. I will be using funding for a range of things from Marketing, Sending Complimentary boxes to bloggers and reviewers, Setting up a website as well as Advertising. I will also be investing in a Cricut Explore Machine to enable me to cut out tailor made pieces in bulk to add to the boxes.

Funding will also enable me to buy box components such as the boxes themselves, stickers, tape, tissue paper in bulk in advance making the box cheaper for the subscriber.

YOU can help start The Glittery Hands Box by backing my Kickstarter campaign! If you pledge £15 you will receive the first box, how cool is that?

Click here to get your very own box!

Thankyou so much in advance for your support!

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