Testing The Cosmo Cricket Pen

Trying The Cosmo Cricket Resist Pen

I spotted the Cosmo cricket resist pen on the Hobbycraft Instagram page and knew instantly that it was a craft tool I needed to try out.

I was super happy to find it straight away in my local hobbycraft store recently, but you can also pick it up online here for £5.00. Cosmo Cricket have a great range of other products including beautiful just add watercolour resist cards, which already have the resist built in for even easier results.

This pen works in a similar way to batik work, I’m not sure of its ingredients but I imagine it may be wax based- Let me know if you know!

IMG_2218 copy

I dug out my old watercolours to give this pen a good go. It is as easy as it looks, you simply draw onto paper your design of choice. Allow the pen to dry then paint with watercolour over the top.

IMG_2221 copy

The watercolour will be resisted by the pen, leaving you with white lines. You then take a piece of cloth or a cotton bud and wipe off the paint from the pen marks to create an even cleaner look.

IMG_2223 copy

Over all I think this works great, It allows you to create original watercolour artwork with minimal hassle that is bang on trend. Perfect for card making!

It’s super quick too, the pen dries in under a minute. Which means if like me you are so busy crafting you don’t always put pen lids back on straight away, make sure you do with this pen. I left mine for 5mins without its lid and its drying properties had worked their magic! I managed to revive it but save yourself the hassle!

I also found that this works better with better quality paper, I imagine something to with the absorption or something.

I think this is a great addition to your craft kit, particularly if the brush calligraphy trend is one you are getting to grips with, this is the perfect accessory!
IMG_2224 copy

Leave a comment and let me know what you think of the cosmo cricket pen, what are your top tips?

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