Super Easy Ombré Socks DIY

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Ombré is awesome, it’s a beautiful way to use colour which isn’t going out of fashion.These socks are so easy to make and also really cheap! This is also a great way to spruce up old tired socks and bring them to the front of your sock drawer. I also found that batch making them and having loads of pairs meant I didn’t look like I was wearing odd socks, I was just a sock vision in purple ombré all day every day! Win!

I made these for girlfriends for Christmas, they made a cute little extra present that’s was unique for everyone and put a cool spin on getting boring socks for Christmas. Why do you get so many socks for Christmas? Socks, chocolate and tissues all over the Christmas joint.

Here’s how in seven easy steps:

You will need:

*Cotton Socks- I got a pack of 6 pairs for around £2 in Primark.
*Dylon Hand Wash Dye 50g – I used Intense Violet. £2.99 from Wilkinsons.

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Step One:
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Mix your dye as directed on the packet, use an old bowl, spoon and cover your surfaces, clothes and the cat.

Here are the Dylon directions (found at

1. Weigh dry fabric. Wash thoroughly. Leave damp
2. Using rubber gloves, dissolve dye in 500ml warm water
3. Fill bowl/stainless steel sink with approx 6 litres warm water (40°C)
4. Stir in 250g (5tbsp) salt. Add dye & stir well
5. Submerge fabric in water
6. Stir for 15mins, then stir regularly for 45mins
7. Rinse fabric in cold water. Wash in warm water and dry away from direct heat & sunlight


• You will need 250g salt
• 1 pack dyes up to 250g fabric (e.g. shirt) to full shade or larger amounts to lighter shade
• Suitable fabrics: Cotton, linen and viscose. Wool, Silk, Polyester/cotton and polyester/viscose mixes will dye to lighter shade
• Not suitable: Pure polyester, acrylic, nylon & fabric with special finishes
• Wash separately for first few washes to remove any excess dye
• Please note: Colour mixing rules apply (e.g. blue on red gives purple)

I totally didn’t realise how important adding salt is to dye. But it an essential part so don’t miss it out! I like to buy the dylon salt because I’m lazy. But normal fine ground salt that you put on your chips is absolutely fine.

Step two:

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Peg your socks to the edge of the bowl, ensure just the ends are emerged, wait emerged ? I believe I mean submerged in water.

Step Three:

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Every ten minutes move the pegs up the socks and push them further into the dye. A few centimetres at a time is best to create a good ombré fade. Carefully stir the dye as directed on the packet being careful not to splash it onto the white un-dyed socks.

Make sure to decide how much to leave white so you don’t go too far on the last dip!

Step Four:

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Take out of the bowl and rinse out the dye in sink. Be careful not to splash or immerse the whole sock, as you want the white sections to stay as white as possible.

Step Five:

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Dangle socks around sink, emersing ends in water with washing powder.
Try to get as much of the dye to come out so that water runs clear.

Step Six:

Leave the socks to drip dry.

Step Seven:

Once dry, Enjoy your beautiful new socks! You could sew embellishments such as bow or sequins onto the ankles too for extra pizazz! Give them as a present just wear them yourself!

Ej x

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