Stay Sassy Girl Quote

It’s Wednesday which means another illustrated quote needs to be shared. I’m currently sat amidst the chaos that is moving house, why is is so stressful? It therefore, seems that a motivational you can rule the world girl quote is exactly the one needed with a cup of tea today. So here’s one I like to tell myself often- Stay sassy girl!


I just looked up the meaning of sassy, according to google its means Lively, bold and full of spirit. I like that, to me that means be bold in your decisions and in who you are. Bring some realness, be the boss and have FUN.

Get your girls or your boys together, take some time out of your day, have a cup of tea or go for a carvery, laugh like a loon because your BFF gets stuck in a car seat. Just have fun, be lively and most of all stay sassy.
Stay Sassy Girl Theseglitteryhands


Share a little piece of sassiness, then tell me about your sassiest moments this week (I need a distraction from packing!)



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