Simple DIY Marquee Letters


Marquee lights are bang on trend at the moment, however they can be expensive as well as take up lots of room! Here’s an easy alternative that is not only cheap but will also brighten up any shelf in an instant.

I’ve gone for the rustic look, but it would be really easy to use paint or washi tape to add a pop of colour.

You will need:

* LED Lights- I used the 40 LED pack from Primark £2.50
* Cardboard Letters- I got the LOVE set from Hobbycraft £1.50
*Craft Knife

Step One:
With the craft knife, cut out the front of the cardboard letters. Cut about a millimetre from the edge.


Step Two:
Remove front and strengthening cardboard inside.


Step Three:
On the back of each letter, mark out with biro where each light will go. I had 40 lights so did 10 LED’s for each letter.


Step Four:
Push biro through the cardboard to create a hole.


Step Five:
Push the lights through the holes. Start and end threading lights through at the bottom of each letter.

Step Six:
Tidy the wires at the back of each letter with tape.

Step Seven:
Turn on lights and display!


I hope you love this craft as much as I did! Click follow for more crafts 😉

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