Review- Primark Star Fairy Lights.

Primark Star Lights

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What? : Star LED lights

Who? : Primark Home.

How much? : £2.50

I’ve been on the lookout for something to light my bed at night. I don’t have a bedside table, and the clip on lamp I was using bashed against the wall every time I move (very annoying) so was after something slightly more subtle but full of style.

I chanced upon these LED star string lights whilst wondering aimlessly through the Oxford Street Primark (yes it was stressful,don’t ask!).

The stars have a slight twenties/deco feel to them and are filled with my all time love, GLITTER! They don’t look particularly Christmassy either; which is great as I plan on them being a year-round fixture.

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At only £2.50 they are an absolute steal! There are 20 stars spread across 3 metres, with a good amount of gap between each.

The lights require 3 AA batteries (two of which I stole from the TV remote!) I have had them on every night for two weeks now and they show no sign of letting me down. They produce a good amount of light, enough to read by, but have a soft romantic glow.

The battery pack is small enough to tuck away, and batteries are a great plus as I’m not running up my electricity bill unnecessarily.

They were easy to wrap around my headboard, I even managed to get the stars to sit symmetrically 🙂

They make a great and easy statement on the bed and are really functional. Massive thumbs up! £2.50 well spent.


P.s I am in no way affiliated with Primark, I just thought I’d share this gem of a find with you, enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “Review- Primark Star Fairy Lights.

      • beautyadoration says:

        Rechargeable batteries are such a good idea. I can’t believe I’ve not thought about that before. I’m going to have to buy some now so I can start using some battery operated fairy lights I have stored in a drawer! Thank you for bringing that to my attention! x

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