Real girls use glue guns quote.

Real girls use glue guns, is this week’s illustrated quote. Let’s be honest probably 85% of my DIY’s require a glue gun. Even if it’s not the right glue to use, or I could just use a glue stick you can be guaranteed I’m going to get the glue gun out. There is nothing greater than plugging in that beautiful glue gun and waiting for it to melt. Then being armed with the power to glue anything, absolutely anything.

Also that fear when you accidently glue yourself and are sure you’ve just got third-degree burns, only to find the glue has already cooled and dried and you are totally okay.

And if you haven’t ever used glitter glue sticks in your glue gun, you haven’t lived. Yes, there will glitter in every piece of glue that ever passed through that glue gun for the rest of time. Yes, you don’t even need glitter glue because it can’t be seen once you’ve glued two pieces together. but is it worth it? of course its glitter and melted glue loveliness.

Make Crafts not war!Glue gun quote

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