Pizza, Yes quote

This week has been a shitty old week, so the quote I’d planned for you about doughnuts making you happy seemed far too optimistic and cheerful, it wasn’t representative of the week I’m having at all. Perhaps next week will be full of sprinkles and pink icing.

So instead, pizza.

Pizza never asks questions, it can only make you feel happy with its big old smiling cheese face. It knows it’s there to accompany you on a Netflix marathon and it doesn’t complain, 8 episodes of American Horror Story are no issue for this guy, he’s a solid companion.

You know what I realised this week it’s totally okay to have a day off with all of the pizza, and look after yourself, recharge your batteries. Treat yourself and sit back and enjoy, no guilt allowed. Have a little cry too if you need it, your pizza pal won’t mind.

So say yes to pizza. (Mine’s a pepperoni)
pizza yes

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