National Stationery Week: My fave Notebooks

It’s National Stationery Week, which means time to celebrate the beautifulness of all of the stationary. I’m a self confessed stationery addict so it only seems right that I get involved with the stationery celebrations and share with you some of my ultimate faves. 

I have always loved a notebook, as I child it would be guaranteed that I would spend my pocket money on any notebook I could lay my little paws on. Did I need a notebook, no. Was I going to buy it anyway, yes! 

So here’s a few of my most prized notebooks and diaries, all of which I am using at the moment. 

Diamonds are for ever, aren’t they? 

This notebook is one of my  absolute faves,  it was a christmas present from my lovely flatmate holly. Jewell is my surname so this print of precious stones is perfection! I use this one for my jewellery business Jewell Emporium, it holds to do lists, plans of things I want to make and of course top secret ideas on how to take over the world. 

Don’t grow up its a trap, a very big trap.

I picked this notebook up in tiger because I love the quote on the cover, it reminds me to keep in touch with the 10 year old Emma as she had some big dreams too! 

This is mainly a blog ideas book, but also a place to write things I find out about blogging and little useful tips I find and don’t want to forget. There are also a few shopping lists and don’t forget to do your washing lists in this one too! 

There can never be enough glitter.

This is a super cute diary I got for Christmas- my mum knows me too well. It’s pretty much my goal in life to be as glittery as possible so this sums it up perfectly.  This diary is for social media, my aim being that it would help me schedule posts for both Jewell emporium and theseglitteryhands and act as a reminder to me to post lovely things. Do I stick to everything it says- no. But everytime I see it it reminds me to get my act together so it isn’t completely useless! 

But mainly its covered in glitter! Yay for glitter!

You’ve got some big ideas kid.

This is the cutest book of notelets ever! Made for great ideas and ones that aren’t so great, it’s a fun way to write things down so you won’t forget them.  I was given this by my gorgeous BFF Alice for my birthday and I love love love it!

All that glitters is gold.

Another blog notebook, probably holding exactly that same stuff as the previous blog notebook but in a pocket sized golden version. I picked this one up in tesco’s as I fell in love with its golden glow. I would also hope that the ideas in it are solid gold too!

I’m flying without wings.

Hello pink glitter and pretty birds . I saw this in paperchase and knew that I had to have it. It his is the notebook I use to keep the accounts for Jewell Emporium, not the most conventional accounting book- but it works for me!

The not so domestic goddess. 

This is my everyday diary, I have to have a paper diary-none of this digital calendar stuff for me. I love that I can highlight things, stick in stickers and scribble random notes. I bought this diary because I love the colours and the illustrations- I’m also a big fan of having a page for the week then a page for notes. 

Let me know what diaries and notebooks you love!

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