My Top 11 Craft Essentials.

Since it’s been over a year of theseglitteryhands,  I thought it would be fun to do a round-up of my most used and most loved craft products- Essentials in my eyes!

If you’ve been following Theseglitteryhands for a while you will most certainly recognise all of these products, this is almost an extensive list of the basic things you will need for the majority of my DIY’s. I’m not sure I can pick a fave craft product, if I could it is definitely in this list!

So In no particular order (it wouldn’t be fair!) here are my top 11 Craft essentials…

Pebeo Crystal Resin £15.95

I adore using resin, most of the jewellery I make at is made from resin. This Pebeo Crystal resin is the one I would recommend over and over, particularly if you are a resin beginner. It gives fantastic results, check out a video of me talking you through how to use it here.

Hama Beads £14.99

Who doesn’t love Hama beads (or Perler beads, as you may know them)? These give me a massive throwback to my childhood, hours of sat around the table carefully picking out beads only to find somebody had taken the last green so your magical dragon idea couldn’t be finished! I love making things with Hama bead using my adult brain, they have so many uses (shimmy over to my Pinterest board to find some ideas) and always look super cute. Might as well get a massive bucket of them, go hard Hama beading or go home!

Marbling Ink £5.99

Marbling all of the things was big news this year.  Which was awesome because as crafts go it couldn’t be easier. You literally can’t go wrong with marbling inks, dip in a piece of paper and out comes a piece of marbled beauty, perfect for adding to cards, present wrapping, Christmas decorations- the possibilities are endless.

Black Glitter £1.50

Black glitter, what else needs to be said about this beauty? It’s glitter and its black- winner! It took me a while to track down a good black glitter, that’s high on sparkle and a decent price, but here it is from Hobbycraft. If I can find a use for black glitter its 100% guaranteed I will!

Glue gun £5.00

The glue gun the master of all craft products, my one true gluey love. I will always use a glue gun, even if a Pritt stick would do the trick.

Unfortunately, the pink one I use all of the time is no longer in stock on the hobbycraft website, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t arm yourself with a glue gun ASAP. It will change your crafting life forever! Besides Real girls use glue guns, right?

Pineapple Scissors £1.99

If you’d of asked me a couple of months ago how many pairs of scissors I own, I would have  said four. On a recent count, I own at least forty (yes its extreme, but can I ever find a pair when I want them? No!)

Knowing I had forty pairs of scissors at home, I still had to own this beautiful set of pineapple scissors. I love them and they’ve become a staple of my crafting kit (sorry other scissors, you’re just not as pretty.)

Pom-Pom Maker £6.50

The pom-pom maker is a piece of craft kit that has changed my life. Pom-poms used to be such as faff, having to cut out circles of card, fiddling about with wool. Now I can whip up a fancy pom-pom in minutes.

See me whipping up a pom-pom with a pom pom maker here!



Sharpies £15.00

Sharpie’s are the royal highnesses of the marker world in my eyes. You can always rely on them to be there to help out with all manner of crafts. I have the 80’s glam set, which along with a million black sharpies are the pens I reach for every single day. An investment I will never regret!

PVA Glue £2.99

PVA glue, probably incredibly obvious but PVA glue will always be a firm craft fave. It goes hand in hand with glitter so what’s not to love! Plus it’s really fun to paint on your hands and peel of when dry.

Dylon Dye £3.49

I love dyeing things, particularly tie-dyeing and ice dyeing (check out my ice dyeing tutorial here)  and Dylon is the brand I will always turn to. It’s cheap, easy to use and give fabulous results. whats not to love?

Glitter Card £2.00

A new fave in my craft kit. Glitter card. mainly because I’m a sucker for anything that glitters and this makes glitter DIY’s easier, glitterier and sassier and what could possibly be bad about that?!


What are your craft favourites? Let me know in the comments below!

*This post contains affiliate links (Girls gotta eat!!)

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