My Project Life Update 1

As you may have seen from my recent Hobbycraft haul I recently started Project Life – an easy scrapbooking system.

At the moment I want to keep you updated as i go along, I’m still finding the easiest ways to do it, what I think looks good and how to use all of the bits and pieces. It s really easy and beautiful system, where you slip photos and journalling cards in to pockets – its a simple or as extravagant as you want to make it. I’ve been pinning lots of Project Life inspiration on Pinterest to get a vibe for the style I like and to get some lovely ideas, take a look!


I’m working with the Midnight Edition, Good Times and Peace, Love and Sunshine Project Life kits as well as some pieces from my messy box. 


This week I want to share with you three pages of my project life that I’ve been working on, the first is two pages from a lovely weekend I spent with my family. It was my dad’s 50th birthday (Happy Birthday dad!) so we visited my grandparents on the Saturday.



I took some selfies with the grandparents! 



They both have such beautiful gardens, so perfect for beautiful flower shots!



The third page to share is a lovely week which included going to liberty with Hannah, sometimes you just need your girlfriends, liberty print and a cup of tea. 


I got new sunglasses, so thought they would make a cute addition to the page too.


I really love this meal tick postcard that was in the may Messy box, it totally describes how my brain works on a daily basis – completely dictated by meals.


Let me know how you are getting along with your project life pages! I’d love to get some more ideas 🙂

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