Mollie makes review- Issue 51

Mollie Makes Magazine Issue 51.

When I talked about Mollie Makes magazine in my recent Hobbycraft haul, I was so surprised to find so many of you weren’t on the band wagon! So I thought as its one of my fave craft magazines I would attempt to review it every month!  At the moment I pick it up when I’m passing a WHSmith or any newsagent, this month I missed my train because I misjudged how long it would take me to pick this beauty up! Oops! I should definitely take out a subscription. 

I’m a massive lover of craft magazines, I’ve made it a bit of a mission this year to try and buy more craft and homes magazines instead of the usual fashion and gossip ones. Obviously the odd Glamour Magazine slips through the net (what’s a girl to do), but I feel way more inspired picking up something’s that’s crafty. I like to keep them too, often going back through for ideas and inspiration, meaning they are much more of an investment than the throw away stuff I used to read.

This month’s issue of Mollie Makes (Issue 51)  is all about Easter, so expect pretty pastels and cute bunny’s galore! The cover of adorned with super cute crochet bunny baskets that have got me kicking myself that crochet is my craft nemesis. However it’s subtly eastery, more cute rabbit than eggs eggstravaganza, so you won’t feel like you want to throw eggs at people. 

My Fave bits:

This month my fave make is defo ‘Doodle Ceramics’ (page 18) designed by La Messer of . I’m very partial to a sharpie and pretty plates and am mad about patterns so this one is right up my street. I absolutely love the pattern and was pleased to find a whole page of it on page 104 so I’m in pattern heaven, instead of using it as a template I might rip it out and frame it or stick it up somewhere. I might even try and do a DIY post inspired by this make and pattern as it’s just so beautiful. 

I also am totally in love with this cake (page14) by Natasha Collins such an awesome idea! I love cake. 

The wish list section is always one of my faves to find out about people who make amazing things, I will totally be checking out Room Copenhagen for their range of pastel Lego Storage Boxes as they look super awesome! And as we all know I love lego and pastels! So together my mind is blown. 

I’m also really up for the ‘Silk Scarf Cushion’ DIY (Page 80), it’s got me wanting to go rummaging for vintage scarfs in charity shops. Also it looks super easy too, that’s another thing I love about Mollie Makes, there are projects for all abilities and time frames.

There is also a really interesting article on Zoe Pearson who works at, wait for it, PINTEREST. Hello dream job! She also has a house straight out pinterest that I am super jealous of. Actually I’m just super jealous of her! 

Not so keen on: 

I’m going to put it out there an say I’m not that into the free gift this month. It just isn’t floating my boat. It’s a wooden cross stitch brooch and pendant kit. I’m not really sure what it is I’m not keen on, I like the idea of it and I love the cross stitch element but it’s just not the accesory I’m in need of. Perhaps because I’m not crazy for the boho vibes. However even if like me you are not a fan of the makes the quality of components is high so you can always whack them into your craft kit for future use.

Also why so much crochet? Perhaps now isn’t the time to bore you with tales of how me and crochet became to be such bad friends. But why tease me with such beautiful crochet things I can’t make? I mean bunnies? How did they know I would want to crochet a bunny so badly. Meh.

Enough of my crochet woes, go and buy this magazine. And craft away, and maybe sneak a gossip magazine into your basket too ( because we all secretly need to know what kim kardashian is up to!) .

Let me know what you think of Mollie Makes! 

Ej x

(I am in no way affiliated with this magazine, I just wanted to share the love!) 

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