Messy Box Review June 2015

How is it June already? I was pretty angry when the doorbell woke me up this morning then I thought ‘Messy box!’ and I was down the stairs and opening the door to the postman in record time.

Messy box

For anyone new to the Messy Box its a subscription box from the lovely people at A Beautiful Mess, full of stunning papers and craft bits and pieces. Each month is different, all boxes contain lots of pretty papers in various sizes as well as lots of craft treats.

This is my second Messy box (Unfortunately I was so excited to get making with my first  one, I didn’t take any photos of it!) The may one was gorgeous, it came with some beautiful stamps and stickers that I used in my recent Project Life Update. It’s a massive luxury for me, one I probably can’t afford; but definitely worth every single penny not only because I will use every single piece of the contents, but more so because it makes me beyond happy, and we all need a little happiness in our lives. This little box of joy is 100% bringing happiness to my door, obviously a box full of pretty paper isn’t every ones cup of tea, but it’s more than welcome through my letter box.



The theme of the June Messy Box is summer, it’s got a gorgeous washed out, soft and creamy pastel colour theme, which reminds me of sunny days camping and long picnics in the park. The kind of pastels you had various denim items in, in the 90’s.

Messy box contents

There is also this lovely sunglasses print that is featured throughout, which is just gorgeous, I’m mad for a pattern and love a sunglass to adorn my eyes so this is perfection on paper. I also feel like this could work all year round, not just for summer loveliness. Yay for sunnies!


I was at first confused as to what these pineapple and love prints where, at first I thought they were stickers or stencils, then I realised they are screen printing stencils! Which is awesome! I’ve never seen anything like this before. They come with a gauze on making them a perfect tool for quick screen printing.


I’m a sucker for stickers so these round cork stickers, got me ultra happy. It keeps shocking me how good the quality of the contents of the box is compared to the price, this is the kind of thing I would walk away from in Hobbycraft as it would be out of my budget so I’m so happy to get it in the box. The fist pump one is the one I enjoy the most!

Messy Box Cork stickers

My favourite surprise of the June box has to be this acetate sheet with a lovely dance notation pattern on. I really love it! Finding a special project to use it for is my next mission!


Also worth a mention are these stunning enamel stickers and sequins. So pretty! I can’t wait to use them.

Mesy box stickers


June Messy Box

Messy Box Happy

I’d love to see what you have made with the content of your messy box! It’s so summery!

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