Messy Box Review July 2015


It’s that time of the month again, when I get a beautiful surprise through my letter box. I subscribed to the Beautiful Mess Messy box three month’s ago, It’s an A4 sized box full of scrapbooking and craft supplies that are always gorgeous.

The July theme appears to be a sparkly one, there is lots of gold and silver. The colour theme is lots of muted rose, aqua and sand tones. The blues feel very Mediterranean sea. This is the first box I have received to contain cards that feature the month and dates which is a nice touch. There is a lovely July calendar card which will work great in Project life, scrap booking or even a birthday card.

I am on the fence about this months box, it has bits I LOVE but also some bits I wasn’t sure about. This month’s box didn’t feel as full as usual either, but it does make up for this with some brilliant sparkliness!

My top pick of this month’s box are most definitely the three cad embellishments, the first is this stunning blush pink ‘sparkle’ cut out. It’s a good 12cm in length so is really a statement piece. I’ve currently stuck it up above my desk in my craft room as its just so pretty! Its got so much potential to be a part f so many craft projects, I can’t wait to work out a beautiful use for it.

The next is these silver stars, they come in three different sizes and are absolute perfection! iM a sucker for shiny stars so these are right up my street again so versatile and timeless.

IMG_3052 copy

The main star of the July box is these awesome gold letters, Big in your face and bang on trend they are perfection. There is each letter of the alphabet in the box, the only downside of this being you that you can’t use them to write any words that have more than one of the same letter.




In the box this month was also some oversized gold paperclips, they are very pretty but are one of things I felt made this box not as exciting as previous boxes. Whilst writing this I did just realise they are perhaps so that you can clip the letters and stars onto your scrapbook pages. 



As usual there are lots of cute cards in this box, my fave 3×4 is this beautiful azure eye print, its so cute! There are also a few cards that have some great lists and note features making them perfect prompt cards for project life.


There are lots of cute postcards, this blue ‘for real this time’ quote one is my top pick, I’m thinking I might frame it or send it to one of my BFF’s.


Of course there are those cute mini square cards too, there are lots of cute ones, but none that really jump out at me that I really love.



These gold foiled mini cards are however ultra cute, especially the magic one!




There are three A4 papers in the box this month that continue the mediteranian sea theme. The sandy gold one looks to me like it will work great at Christmas too!


there is another of those great acetate sheets, this time with gold stripes making me believe that Christmas in July is actually the subtle theme to this box!


Although this messy box wasn’t 100% up my street, there are so many aspects that are really versatile and will work all through the year, especially at Christmas time!

I can’t wait to see what the august messy box has in store for me (and fingers crossed it gets delivered to my new house okay!).


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