May your days be merry,bright and sparkly!

It’s almost Christmas!!!!!!!!

There’s going to a festive quote for next few days to really get you into the glittery festive mood! I’m working right up until Christmas eve so am trying to fit in a little festiveness wherever I can, even if it’s just Christmas songs playing in the background or a cheeky packet of chocolate treats on the coffee table!

I really hope you are fitting in the festive feels in your day too! Get watching those Christmas films, even the really rubbish ones they play all day on Channel Five! Eat and drink everything in sight( it’s Christmas you are 100% allowed) and most importantly share the love. Drop a little card and some biscuits into your next door neighbour, give your gran a bar of soap, give your postman a little card, those little gestures really make a big difference in spreading that festive cheer.

I was panicking I wouldn’t be able to see everyone before the big day, but I realised today there is always time to fit everyone in. Why not have everyone over for a little festive breakfast if you can’t fit them in the day? A perfect way to swap presents, see everyone and start a new tradition!

So may your days be merry, bright and ultra sparkly! (If you can’t be covered in glitter and sequins this week then when can you?!)
may your days be sparkly

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