How to host a Spring craft party- Crafts and Decorations

How to host a Spring Craft Party.

Last night I hosted spring craft party for six of my girl friends, if you haven’t hosted a craft party before, do it! It’s a lovely way to spend time with your friends, making memories and having a laugh.


The theme for this craft party as well as being spring was a garden party,take a look at my Pinterest board for inspiration. It was all about pastels,green tones and flowers. I served a selection of snacks and treats (Find out what I served here) as well as some refreshing tea cocktails.

Get your room looking beautiful.


Streamers are pretty inexpensive, they are a great way to decorate a party on a budget. I bought six streamers in pink, white, lilac and green. Always buy extra than you think you need when buying any kind of streamer or bunting as that extra one is always the one that takes it from okay to stunning.

As we live in a rented flat and sticking stuff on the walls is frowned upon i used masking tape to secure my streamers across the room. This made it easy to remove them but also kept them secure. I went back and forward creating a pastel streamer canopy which hung just above head height.

I hung the green streamers up to cover our dvd bookcase, as I had some left over and really wanted to create that garden feel (no dvd’s in the garden!)

Green Grass wrapping paper.

I discovered this grass wrapping paper in Tiger last week, I needed to wrap a present with it but thought that the left over roll of paper would be great to use as part f the craft party. I took a long piece and stuck it to the wall behind the chest of drawers I served the drinks on; this created a lovely backdrop for the cocktails but also meant that later on in the evening guests were able to snap their makes in front of it.

I used another piece to make a tablecloth for the small table for the food, it made the food look like to was at a picnic which was a really lovely touch. To top it off the paper roll only cost £1 for 4 metres, bargain!



I love a blackboard. i think they are perfect for any occasion, particularly a spring craft party! I used a smaller blackboard to list the food and drink on offer. I decorated the larger board as a sort of photo backdrop as well as a list of the crafts we were going to make.



Raffia Beach Mats.

As we have wooden floors and don’t have a very big table, crafting sat on the floor is the way forward! I picked up 3 raffia beach mats in Poundland which I laid on the floor like a big picnic blanket. this means less cleaning up at the end, and if they get ruined it’s not a total disaster if you have to throw them away!

I scattered a selection of cushion and throws around the beach mats for people to sit on, its then really easy to get the craft stuff out in the middle so everyone can share and reach everything they need.


Craft Basket.

Continuing the garden party/picnic theme i looked out a large basket, i popped all of the craft bits we would need in there in pretty jars. this meant everything was neatly stored and was readily available for each craft whilst looking beautiful!

make sure you have enough crafts utensils such as scissors and glue. for things like pens and scissors aim to have one each so that party guests aren’t waiting to use things. other bits like glue guns and pliers can be one between two.


Tissue paper pom poms

I also made tissue paper pom poms which i placed around the room to add a little bit of pom pom prettiness to the party.

It’s also a good idea to add candles in little teacups or lanterns. everyone loves a candle ! I added some little bunny rabbit ornaments I had around the place to, it is spring after all.


What we made:

Its best to pick crafts that are not too messy, don’t take to long to dry and are relatively quick. We started the party at 7pm and everyone left around 11pm, so a good few hours worth of crafting, but also a lot of chatting, laughing, eating and drinking!

We started with upcycling Poundland photo frames with maps and scrabble pieces. I picked out some postcards in paper chase so that everyone had something to pop onto their frame too. it was good to start with this one as the PVA glue needed to stick the map pieces on needs time to dry.


Next we moved onto
shrink plastic bird necklaces, the girls traced a bird onto shrink plastic, coloured him in then we popped them under the grill so that they shrank down to seven times its original size. We then attached them to necklaces to make super cute custom accessories. This was extra fun as most of the girls hadn’t used shrink plastic before. 



The next craft is one of my favourites, I had seen those anthropology party animal necklaces on Pinterest so decided we could easily make our own party animals with old jewellery, plastic animals and glue guns. we then popped them onto keyrings. everyone got rather attached to their animals and made sure they looked super sassy.



Lastly we made good old flower crowns, a perfect spring craft as we are approaching festival season so will allege a chance to wear them. we glue gunned paper flowers onto plain headbands to create beautiful floral crowns – cue the selfies!


We then finished off our map frames as they were now dry, by adding scrabble letter words and popping our postcards inside.

So grab your friends and have a craft party! Let me know how it goes!

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