How to apply Glitter to your face.

How To Apply glitter to your face

Although I walk around with an accidental glittery face most of the time, I thought it might be handy to look at good ways to stick glitter to yourself! It also gives me a valid reason to cover my face with glitter! Win!

My first thought on the subject is probably good old Vaseline. Let’s face it, we all have a pot of it floating around somewhere. In my case lost at the bottom of my handbag!

But if you want to avoid the sticky ultra shine of Vaseline a standard lip balm is also really affective.

Be careful around your eyes, firstly because glitter in the eye however fabulous will hurt, a lot. And secondly, because glitter near your eye makes it look like you are seeing five thousand glitter balls at ALL times, which can be very annoying! But you’ll look fab-u-Lou’s so maybe just deal with it!
For obvious reasons be careful brandishing large pots of Vaseline and lip balm near your eye 😉

So ….

Step one:

Put a careful amount of Vaseline onto the desired area of sparkliness. Make sure it’s even and smooth!

Step two:

I’ve tried and tested and come to the conclusion that a. Is best to apply the glitter. The trick is to go SLOW, if you put too much on its a pig to get off, so layering is the key!

Step three:

Admire your glitteryness, slip on your disco pants and go partay!

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