How I started my jewellery business- Jewell Emporium

How it all started. So here’s the story of how Jewell emporium started, unfortunately, there are no far off places or princes in disguise. Hilariously it all started with doorknobs! I purchased a dressing table from a charity shop and turned it from granny chic to vintage find with a coat of paint and a lot of sand papering . I had the intention of making new handles for it out of resin.

All in all, it turns out doorknobs made from resin are not my calling in life. As some of you crafters will know resin takes 24 hours to set. Attempting to get a screw to stay upright and straight for 24 hours floating in resin is not an easy task and one I will gladly leave to the professionals!

Alongside this disastrous attempt, I had also popped some resin in a plastic (I know, what was I thinking) chocolate moulds. Once I had managed to hack these out of their moulds dangerously wielding a sharp kitchen knife, I realised they would make really cute rings. My best friends were off to Australia for Christmas and I was desperately searching for a cute handmade present that would fit in their luggage.

It was here that the beginnings of Jewell Emporium were formed. I made more things and people started to ask me if they could buy it. So I honed my technique, let’s say I learnt my lessons the hard way! In particular, I only use silicone moulds unless absolutely necessary. Too many plastic moulds lost their lives in the process!

Perhaps my biggest breakthrough was during my brother’s 21st birthday celebrations, we went to Legoland where all Lego lovers birthdays should be celebrated! I was looking for a way to do Lego jewellery that no one else was making, there were far too many Lego brick earrings out there for my liking! The epiphany came in the shape of a Lego Man ice cube tray. I started out making rings, which then expanded into necklaces then Cufflinks with each new custom order.

So out of know where and before I knew what was happening from a very shaky start I had a jewellery business. I never got round to making those doorknobs, instead, I got some beautiful ones for Christmas and sourced a pack of gorgeous globe ones in TKMaxx!

20140805-030844 pm-54524611.jpg

Here’s a photo of some of those very first pieces!

EJ x

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