Hobbycraft Haul May 2015/ I’ve started Project Life!

As we all know, Hobbycraft drives me round the bend with its constantly changing stock and lack of anything I need but I can’t keep away from the place. Its craftiness just draws me in and who am I to resist? (Even if every visit almost results in a meltdown when I find out they no longer sell any of the things I need).

Recently I popped in there with my BFF Alice to have a mooch about and buy some Project Life things. I almost bought it last time I was there but thankfully Alice made me think about and decide if I actually wanted it. A month later I’m back in Hobbycraft to make my purchase and become a ProjectLifer, after watching many a YouTube video of people putting together their Project Life pages – I knew I wanted it/ needed it in my life.

If you are new to the concept of Project Life, it’s basically an easy modulated version of scrapbooking. A basic kit comes with a folder, plastic sleeves and journalling cards (cute cards with quotes, patterns and titles). The idea is that you can simply slip in photos, and journalling cards and make a beautiful memory filled book of your life with minimal effort. You can of course go to town with embellishments, filling in cards and making it look really pretty – which is right up my street.

So here’s the bits I purchased today at Hobbycraft, it’s mainly project life bits so apologies in advance. FYI the lady in Hobbycraft was unsure if they were going to restock the Project Life section or if they were getting rid of the Project Life lines completely! Fingers crossed this isn’t the case! It is worth a look though as they appear to have discounted many bits in store and online.

So here’s my Hobbycraft haul:


My fave Glue. GLU&FIX by Bostix £3.00

I love this Glue by Bostick as its perfect for jewellery making. Particularly sticking resin cabochons to ring backs. I found its a great alternative to Araldite, which you don’t have to mix and doesn’t smell half as bad!

I picked up some more as I’m always in need of it, probably the only thing I bought that isn’t project life related.


Distressed Circle Scrapbook 12×12 £10

Unfortunately my Hobbycraft didn’t have any of the actual Project Life scrapbooks in stock. Instead I choose this one, I really love its duck egg blue cover and the moroccon style circle print. Plus it was reduced to £10 bargain!

As its 12×12 it fits the project life sleeves perfectly and its a much cheaper alternative!



Glitter Self-Adhesive Letters and Numbers -£2.00

Hello Glitter! I thought these would be the perfect thing to add a little extra something to my project life pages. They will be perfect for titles and at only £2.00 I couldn’t leave them behind.



Mini Alphabet Stickers £1.50

Again more little alphabet stickers for titles and labels on my Project Life pages. I thought these were really cute, with this typewriter style font on rustic brown paper.


La Di Da Journaling Pages £2.00

La di da is a really lovely range of very affordable fun scrapbooking components. They are designed for Smash booking, but I really loved these little pages so thought I would adapt them for project life.



Transfer Tape Pen £1.00

Having watched lots of Project Life videos it seems that this is the speediest way to glue down your extra bits and pieces before sliding them into the pockets. Plus its purple and kind of looks like a cute mouse so everyone’s a winner!


Project Life Peace, Love and Sunshine Value Kit £8.00

I picked up the Peace, Love and Sunshine Value kit to add a little colour to my Project Life. It comes with 180 cards a mix between 4×6 and 3×4 sized title and journaling cards. I particularly like the yellows in this pack and that it has some really cute quotes about daydreams, sunshine and rain. Perfect for summer and spring!

Journaling cards are my fave part of project life, I love the style of them all and that there are so many different ones in each pack which mean you are guaranteed to find something for your personality and your project.


Project Life 6×4 Card Inserts Blush Edition £4.00

These were reduced to £4.00 from £6.74 in my Hobbycraft store so I picked them up as I thought they would come in handy for sticking photos, titles and journaling cards onto for a bit of variety. I choose the Blush range as I really loved the darks grey and green colours. This pack comes with 60 cards, which are postcard sized so you could always swap them for a cheaper alternative or use them for postcards and card making!


Project Life Good Times Value Kit £8.00

Now I had my heart set on the Midnight edition Core kit which they didn’t have in store so I settled for the good times kit instead, although it doesn’t have the yellow and golds that the Midnight edition has, it does have a beautiful chalkboard feel so I picked it up too.

It has some beautiful fonts and quotes in it so I’m actually really glad I’ve added it to my project life kit as I will definitely use it.


Project Life Page Protectors Design A £6.99 and Design C £4.00

These are the most important part of project life, the page protectors. they are a collection of see through pockets that make it easy to slip in pictures and journaling cards to make beautiful scrapbook pages in minutes.

I picked up Design A which is a selection of 3×4 and 6×4 pockets, I really like this one as it gives a lot of variety. I would have liked to have picked up the whole pages of 3×4 pockets but i don’t think they are available from Hobbycraft.

I also picked up Design C as it was reduced to £4.00, this is a whole page of 6×4 pockets.i’m sure they will come in handy.

Each pack comes with 12 page protectors, which as you can use them double-sided means you get 24 pages for your project life folder out of each pack.



I’m looking forward to sharing my project Life pages with you as I go along, If you have any tips please let me know!

if you are looking to get started with Project Life check out the Becky Higgins site for more details www.shopbeckyhiggins.com and click subscribe to get more project life content soon!

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