Hobbycraft Haul Feb 2015


1. Mini glue gun £5.00

I bought another glue gun, which is completely essential I promise. I do currently possess two glue guns; one has disappeared off the face of the earth and the other a beautiful all singing all dancing dremmel had an unfortunate incident involving a teacup full of PVA glue, which when plugged in trips the electricity of the whole flat. So I’m keeping safe and not using him for now.

Therefore I spotted this mini glue gun for £5 and decided it’s pretty needed, also it’s PINK. Enough said.

I was about to say it looks a great size for travelling, but who travels with a glue gun?

2. Jumbo craft sticks- Wooden lollipop sticks £2.00

I really like these sticks for stirring resin, they are big enough that they stir well and are easy to hold. The pack has so many in that they last for ages too.

I’m running a craft workshop based on the cat in the hat soon and I think these will be great to make little cat book marks.

3. Cardboard trinket boxes x2 was £1.00 each now 50p

These pretty little boxes are from the decoupage section in hobbycraft, they were reduced to 50p each, Which is great, but worries me slightly. Recently HobbyCraft have discontinued lots of their useful items without replacement, so fingers crossed this isn’t happening to this section too!

4. LOVE Letters was £3.50 now £1.75

These letters were also reduced from £3.50 To £1.75. Without covering they make a great decoration for the home and come in a handy sized box which will also be great to craft with.

I have a really cool DIY lined up for these so keep an eye out!

5. Mollie Makes Magazine £4.99

I really like Mollie makes, so picked it up in passing. This edition has some beautiful papers in as well as a great embroidered bear gift.

It’s about time I got a subscription!

I obsessed for ages over the project life section, totally convincing myself I needed one or a scrapbook at least! I absolutely love the midnight selection – it’s so beautiful. But is a bit on the pricey side. Perhaps I’ll look into cheaper alternatives!

I have a real love/hate for hobby craft, they never quite have what I want anymore. It seems they are discontinuing lots of lines and putting in lots of kits and pre made things which isn’t what crafting is about! Perhaps this rant is for another blog post, but let me know how you feel about hobby craft too!

Ej x

5 thoughts on “Hobbycraft Haul Feb 2015

  1. wonderlandartstudio1 says:

    I totally get what you mean, I get really excited about going to Hobbycraft but always leave just a little bit disappointed.
    My local Hobbycraft doesn’t replenish stock very quickly and usually I can’t find what I’m looking for.
    I also agree about there being more and more kits.
    My dream job would be a buyer for Hobbycraft and show um how it’s done!!

    • TheseGlitteryHands says:

      Please do become a buyer! They need sorting out, I feel like they’ve lost their way a little, It’s starting to really upset me it’s becoming a wedding and toy shop!

      Sort it out hobbycraft!

  2. jessicacrafts says:

    I agree about hobby craft. Use to be able to buy everything there now have to get them from multiple places. I’ve never heard of Mollie makes before. I’ll have to check it out.

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