GRANNY CHAIR UPCYCLE |Quick Furniture Upcycle Tips.

I recently bought this awesome chair from the charity shop for an absolute bargain price of £10! It’s a beautiful moss green velvet and is so comfy. It was in a reasonably good condition, no damage and was fairly clean. Just a little tired looking. It’s a perfect addition to our living room.

20141124-021106 pm-51066041.jpg

Here’s how I gave it a simple and really fast upcycle to take it to granny chic!


If you have a similar item of furniture from a car boot or charity shop the first thing to do is give it a good clean. Even if it looks like it is in a good condition, you don’t know where it might have been!

1. First give it a good hoover, get into all the corners. Don’t forget the sides and underneath too.

2. Use upholstery/Carpet wipes- Give it a good deep wipe over. I love 1001 upholstery wipes, as they work really well and smell great, but there are lots of other products on the market. Its always a good plan to double check the packet to ensure they can be used on the type of material you have so that you don’t ruin your fabric. Let it dry.

3.Hoover again- any dislodged dirt and residue from cleaning will need to be hoovered up and any bits you missed!

4. Febreeze- Give it a good Febreeze, I always believe you can never spray too much, so go for it!


I found that the cushion trim still looked ratty and old after cleaning. its also dated the chair more than was neseccary. I decided trimming it down was the easiest way to et rid of it without embarking on major upholstery.

I took the scissors as close as I could and cut it down as much as possible.

20141120-111214 am-40334917.jpg

I also removed the tassel trim from around the bottom of the chair . This was only sewn on with a simple tack , so was easy to remove with out a trace.

20141120-110453 am-39893615.jpg

20141120-110452 am-39892567.jpg

By just taking the scissors to the chair, in ten minutes it looks completely different.


On of the easiest ways to upcycle a chair is to simply turn over the cushions, in many cases the underside is in a much better condition so gives and instant refresh to your chair.

The pattern on the seat back and cushion of my chair was dated and slightly over whelming. this was easily rectified by turning the cushion over, as it is plain on the other side.

It is always worth checking this when buying old chairs or sofas; it could save you you lots of upholstery costs, if the other side of the cushion is in a good condition.


I also covered new buttons in a contrasting material and replaced the existing buttons with these. This a cost effective and simple way to modernise a piece.

In under an hour, my awesome find is a much more contemporary chic piece. it still retains the best bits of granny chic but looks a million times fresher.

20141120-110539 am-39939705.jpg

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