Decorating with Mirror balls.

I love Mirror balls, mainly because they are the ultimate in sparkliness!

I wanted to do a quick post to show you how I have used glitter balls to decorate my room.

Unfortunately as I rent, hanging these from the ceiling is unfortunately not an option so I had to find another way to display my beautiful collection. I’ve managed to collect these from various places, I’m not ashamed to admit that the large gold one was found around the back of BHS in a bin after Christmas a few years ago (a girls got to do what she has to do when sparkle in involved!). The smaller ones are from poundlands party section, an absolute bargain!

Stacking them up next to my statement gold mirror not only reflects the light but makes an eye catching display with a decadent retro feel.

20141107-105142 am-39102143.jpg

They also make great photo props…….

20141108-115418 am-42858724.jpg

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