Give me all of the sequins quote.

It’s Wednesday! On Wednesdays, we wear pink and look at pretty quotes on the internet. I was so busy faffing about playing with sequins and glitter today that I almost forgot to share today’s quote with you.

Sometimes you can never have enough sequins, yet I feel they are under used in the world. So my advice this week is to get out those sequins and sparkles and stick them to everything. Sew a cluster onto a boring t-shirt, glue glitter to your phone case, sprinkle them around the house or even spritz yourself with a little glitter spray. Get some sparkle in your life!

I have a box I fill up with sequins and sparkly things, not only is it great for every craft project it’s lovely to sit and look at to cheer myself up. There is nothing nicer than delving your hands into a big box of sequins.

So get out your sequins and start sparkling.

Or give them all to me, ALL of them!

Scanned Image-15

Have a lovely week glitter kittens!

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