Get Happy, DIY Happy Jar

In the dark depths of january this year, whilst caught up in a post christmas/new year tv marathon I created a happy jar.

If you haven’t come across a happy jar yet, it’s basically a jar to store beautiful memories and happy things in, so that on those horrible bad days you can crack open your jar and realise that your life isn’t actually that bad at all!


The only rule for decorating your happy jar is that it makes you smile whenever you look at it, this jar is happy inside and out. You want the jar to make you happy even if you are not opening it up to read a note inside. Being a massive fan of all things glittery and sparkly, I decided to glue bronze, silver and black gems onto my jar – because they are beautiful!!

Sometimes I write post-its for my jar every day, other times I write them when I’ve had an awesome day and am feeling particularly sassy. Sometimes on bad days too I sit down and force myself to find something good about that day to put in the jar. Even if it’s just that you ate an amazing piece of garlic bread -write it down and pop it in there.

You may be thinking that this is a crazy thing to do – perhaps it is, but I always think you should do what makes you happy, so if a pretty little jar covered in gems is what is making me happy – I’m keeping it!

Sometimes I write things as simple as “Went out for coffee with Hannah this morning” or “Pizza for dinner today,yay!” or other times much bigger life achievements. They all get folded up and popped into the jar to cheer me up at a later date.

So why not grab a jar and make yourself happier? Its ultra simple grab a jar, make it pretty then add all the happy little things that happen in your life and you’ll have one happy little jar and an even happier life.


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