Gaston- My paper deer.

I recently posted an easy and cost effective DIY featuring a gorgeous deer head. I created this statuesque deer for our living room wall, after searching for one in my price range for a long time.

I decided making one and sharing the make with you, would be fun and ultimately a lot more cost effective. I spent nothing on this make as all of the materials I had at home; the magazine and newspapers were all freebie ones, collected from various journeys and the cardboard just laying around waiting to be recycled.

I wanted the deer to look chic and artistic, so decided a chalky Matt white would be perfect, plus the landlord has left some in our under stairs cupboard which I like to cheekily use for crafts every now and then. I recon a tester pot would provide you with enough paint though. We had some gold spray paint from the 99p shop left over from a Gatsby themed party we held last year, using this sparingly to create a dusted effect looked really subtle. I also allowed the spray to drip around the neck to create a modern crisp look.

We debated about adding eyes but decided he would look a bit cartoony and maybe a little bit wierd. However the design of this deer lends it self to many avenues of customisation. You might prefer to add eyes, cover him in maps or decoupage flowers. The beauty of this simple budget design means you can really go to town on decoration.

My deer is named gaston, because I now use antlers in all of my decorating! (Kind of!) and I’m in love with him. Positioned above the Tv, he makes a fabulous focal point and conversation starter! And he was free!

20141114-021146 am-7906494.jpg

20141114-021145 am-7905383.jpg

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