How not to be a dick on valentines day!

Turns out today’s Wednesday quote is actually a Friday quote! oops! I’m launching a new business- A craft subscription box! ( so everything is a bit behind this week!

Since it’s valentines day this weekend, I thought my fries before guys quote was the best to share this week, For all my girls and guys out there who haven’t got a partner this weekend to throw sickening red and pink things at.

I also thought since some people need a reminder on how to act on valentines day, I would throw together a few rules, that I believe should be followed this valentines day.

So If you are lucky enough to be in love this weekend please be aware that nobody cares what “the boy” gave you or did. Or how much money was spent. Or that you got the same Michael Kors watch as EVERY body else on EARTH.

Here are my top tips on how not to be a dick this valentines day:

1.Share the love by being considerate to your single friends, keep your social media on the down low.

2. Get off your phone and enjoy your life, don’t tell us about how great your partner is, tell them!

3.Give love to your girl squad, Galentines (Valentines to celebrate your gal’s!) is a way cuter way to spend your time, and it will inevitably involve pizza! WIN!

4. If you do feel the need to post on social media about your other half please use their real name, last time I checked you were dating a grown man- not a child “boy”.

5. Take a moment to remember that although Valentines day is a lovely way to show love, you should be showing love and affection for the ones you hold dear EVERY DAY. not just this one day that should, in fact be called worldwide support for florists, card shops and the Marks and Spencers Meal deal day.

5. Don’t be the dick who share’s unnecessary photo’s of their flowers, chocolates, new kitten on Instagram. It’s 1000% boring.

6. Most Importantly Love yourself.


If you are single This valentines day, here’s how to go about your day:

1.Go about your day as usual. What’s this valentines day you speak of?

2.Buy yourself a pizza/chips and enjoy them- Love your life because you don’t have to share with anyone.

3.Put on music and dance around in your underwear, pretending you are Queen Bey. Remember that you are an independent women who doesn’t put up with shit from anybody.

4.Make cute Galentines Cards for your squad, remind them how much they mean to you.

5. Stay very clear of online dating today, tinder is not your friend.

6.Pop a garlic bread in the oven, then scroll through Pinterest looking at hot bearded men.

7.Watch Ru Pauls Drag race on Netflix, wonder how Ru has such a great chest, drool over all of the sequins then channel your inner diva. Because if you don’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?


Have a happy Sunday with extra love this weekend glitter kittens, and feel free to share with anyone who need to not be dick or needs to remember being single is just as fabulous this Valentines day!

Fries before guys

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