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The 99p Shop is killing it with its glitter collection at the moment.

They normally stock a thin glitter dust which is great for crafting with resin, but doesn’t hold a lot of sparkle. the colours are also pretty dull.

20141203-015307 pm-49987832.jpg

The Christmas Glitter 6 Pack is up there with the high end glitter on the market it’s high in shine and has large glitter pieces. The pack of 6 colours, Red, Green, Silver, Purple, Blue and Gold, all for 99p are all rich in colour and are perfect for crafts. Great for resin too as the colour doesn’t run unlike some of the other high end crafts.

20141203-015400 pm-50040145.jpg

They are also currently stocking a pack of tiny stars with some specialty shaped glitter, as well as a selection of beautiful large sized sequins.

For only 99p, I would 100% get to the 99p shop and stock up your glitter collection!

EJ x

( I am in no way affiliated with 99p shop, just an epic find to share with you!)

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