Embrace the messy bun Quote

So it’s been a crazy crazy couple of weeks, I moved house! Which however exciting has been so so stressful.  I knew it would be pretty mad but it really took it out of me so I’m really glad to be all settled in and sat in a beautiful new home.

Since it’s been so mental, this is the quote that sums it up this week. I’ve been sporting the messy bun like it’s a religion lately, sometimes as a girl you just haven’t got time to do anything else but shove that hair up in a hot mess on top of your head without a care for what the rest of the world thinks about the haystack on your head.

So embrace that messy bun people, and give some love to your friends if that’s their hairstyle of choice today, they might need a hug or maybe just a kit kat!

Scanned Image-5

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