Easy DIY Glitter Quote Garland

DIY Glitter Quote Garland

This has to be one of my fave DIY’s EVER! This DIY Glitter quote garland is glittery and it’s cute, it’s currently hanging in my craft room looking adorable and giving me a subtle reminder that glitter is all I need.

What I also love is that this craft is so so much easier than  thought. This is less than a ten-minute craft, so if you need something pretty to make in your lunch break this is your guy.

IMG_7934 copy

You will need:

  • Mini Letters (I picked mine up in The Works.)
  • Glitter Paper
  • Silver thread
  • Glue Gun

Step One:

Using your glitter paper, Cut out letters to spell LOVE. I used the mini letters I had as a template.

I decided not to cut out the centre of the O to keep as much glitter as possible on my garland!

IMG_7928 copy

Step Two:

Cut your string to your desired length I cut about a meter and a half, but if you are unsure cut a longer piece, you can always trim it down later.


Step Three:

Lay out your letters to make you quote, turn them over and ensure you have the right distance between each letter and word.

Find the centre of your string and line that up with the centre of your quote.

IMG_7951 copy

Step Four:

Use your glue gun to add little dots of glue to the top back of each letter to secure it to the string.



Step Five:

Turn over and inspect your glue gunning skills.

Cut off any strings of glue.

IMG_7948 copy

IMG_7950 copy

Step six:

Hang your garland for the world to see. I used blu-tack and then covered the ugly blue lumps with silver stars.

IMG_7973 copy

IMG_7975 copy

IMG_7989 copy

IMG_8012 copy

Stand back and enjoy, now everyone will know your love of glitter is for real.


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