Easy DIY Blackboard Dinner Mats.

I am in love with blackboards, I believe they are such an easy way to change the feel of a room as well as being a great utility for the home. If you are not ready to completely embrace a whole wall of black board, these dinner mats are a great place to start.

Blackboard dinner mats are not only really simple to do, they add a personal touch to the dinner table. Whether it’s a reminder for breakfast or a loving message at dinner time or just a fun activity for the children.

You will need:

*Old or cheap dinner mats.
*Black Board Paint
*Paint Brush

Step One:
Take your old dinner mats, the more cringe worthy the pattern the better!

Step Two:
Prep the mats for painting, ensure that are given a good clean and are dry.

Step Three:
Paint away! Two coats of blackboard paint will give ultimate coverage.

Step Four:
Once dry, cover the whole mat with chalk, this will prep the surface and ensure all future chalk drawings come off easily.

Step Five:
Wipe your mats clean, set the table and do some crazy drawing before dinner!

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