DODDLE REVIEW | The new post office!

I live very near a station and we recently had a Doddle store open opposite, “What is Doddle ?” I hear you cry! I too was very intrigued and thought i’d find out!

Doddle describes itself as……..
“Doddle fits in with your life. No more waiting. No more missed deliveries. With Doddle shops in and around train stations you can Doddle (our language for collecting, sending or returning) your parcel on the way to, or from, work, while you’re out shopping or simply whenever you’re passing.

Doddle shops are open early until late, seven days a week. Whether you’re sending, collecting or returning, it should only take around two minutes to Doddle and our well-trained, friendly staff are always on hand to help.”


I send a lot of parcels for my jewellery business so thought i would check it out and see how it compared to good old Postman Pat/Royal Mail.

Having checked it out online, I discovered I needed to register online first. This was so quick and easy and your personal Doddle code is sent in seconds to your inbox. They also have ipads instore to help you get set up. I trotted over the road with my code and parcel in hand. Doddle stores are mainly near stations to allow you to pick up and drop off parcels as part of your journey.

The store (at Bromley South) is a beautiful purple and is simply laid out so its really easy to find out where you need to go and what to do. Plus there were no queues, which is what i hate about the post office.

Sam the lovely lady (Or Parcelista as they are titled, what an epic title!) behind the counter, got my parcel sent signed for, insured and tracked for only £2.99. The same service would cost me around £6.00 with the Royal Mail . It was so easy to do, an absolute Doddle ( Sorry couldn’t resist! )

They also offer a service where you can collect parcels from the store and return purchases to selcted retailers, I will defo be trying that out too!

Find out more at Doddle

(I am in no way affiliated with Doddle, just thought I would share this awesome service with you!)

What did you think of Doddle?

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