DIY Trick or Treat Plate

DIY Trick or treat plate.

It’s time to get ready for a swarm of trick or treaters at your door! Why not make something special and spooky to greet everyone on your doorstep this Halloween.

This DIY is super easy all you need are some sharpies and  plain plate. It’s also great to get little crafters involved with since their creative scribbles will only add to this spooky project!

You will Need:

  • Plain Plate
  • Black and bronze sharpies
  • Letter Stickers

Trick or treat plate

Step one:

Ensure your plate is clean and dry.

Stick the letter stickers onto your plate, I choose to put Trick or Treat on my plate. Take time to make sure letters are straight and are well stuck down.

trick or treat plate

trick or treat plate

Step Two:

Take your sharpie and get scribbling. straight lines are best, The effect you are going for is old mental institution wall!

Make the centre around your letters dense and full, making it more sparse around the edges.


trick or treat plate

trick or treat plate

trick or treat plate

Step Three:

Make sure the sharpie is completely dry before peeling off the stickers carefully.

trick or treat plate

Step Four:

Hooray! Fill your beautiful plate with sweet treats and wait for your spooky visitors to arrive!

trick or treat plate

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