DIY Stamped Pencil Case.

Welcome back glitter kittens! I’m mad about stamping at the moment, I’m stamping all of the things!  So imagine my excitement when I find a stamp craving set in Tiger Stores! Turns out im best at simple geometric shapes- best to start out simple!

So here’s a tutorial for carving your own super cute geometric stamp and using it stamp onto a pencil case.

DIY Stamped Pencil Case.

You Will Need:

  • Carving Tools (£5 in Tiger)
  • Pigment Ink Pad
  • Calico Pencil Case
  • Rubber block (also tiger £2, or a simple eraser will do)

IMG_1563 copy

Step One:

Draw out your pattern onto the rubber block using a pencil. Keep it simple! I went for triangles and mini rectangles.

IMG_1566 copy

Step Two:

Start Carving, use small strokes to carefully take away the rubber that surrounds your pattern, leaving it in relief. Be sure to take enough away so that your print is neat.

IMG_1567 copy

Step Three:

Using pigment ink, cover your stamp in ink. Then carefully place it down onto the material, give it a light push to ensure all of the ink is transferred. Repeat to create a pattern.

IMG_1572 copy

Step Four:

One dry, seal in the ink with a hot iron to make it last. This should mean you are able to wash your pencil case with minimal fading.

Pop in some stationery and you are good to go!

IMG_1586 copy

IMG_1587 copy

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