DIY Pretty Eyes Teacup

Todays DIY is a really easy way to freshen up old, plain teacups and make them so very pretty. Have you seen those mugs with the eyelashes and blushed cheeks? They’ve been floating around my pinterest a lot lately, I’ve been lusting after them for a while but reaslised that I really don’t need any more teacups. 

If you follow me on instagram (@ejewell) you’ll know that I recently picked up the 80’s Glam sharpie set and have been crazy desperate to use them. So teamed with some old boring teacups I’d found the easy way to get those cheeky little cups into my life.

Here’s how you can get them into your cupboard too! 

You will need:

  • Plain Teacups 
  • Sharpies- I’m using original black and a pink.
  • Oven


Step one: 

Give your teacups a good clean. 

Step two: 


Using the black sharpie, Draw two semi circles either side of the handle. These are your eyelids ;).

Step three:


 Add four little lines to the end of the semi circles to make eyelashes. 

Step four:


Use the pink sharpie to draw two circles, one under each eye. Colour them in. The smaller the cheeks the cuter your teacup will look.

Step five: 

Bake in the oven for 20 mins at 180’C. This will set the ink into the glaze and make them washable! 

Step six:

Look after your pretty little teacup! Anyone else think they look like chip from beauty and the beast? Soo cute! 




 Show me your new teacup friends, how did you get on? 

EJ x

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