DIY Pipe Cleaner Gems

DIY Pipe Cleaner Gems.

Gems! I love gems and jewels of any kind, so it seemed like a cool idea to create some 3D gems from the Pipe cleaners in this month’s Glittery Hands Box. So here we go lets DIY Pipe cleaner gems.

You will need:

  • 5 Pipe cleaners Per gem*
  • Glue Gun
  • Silver Thread

*Found in the June Glittery Hands Box

DIY Pipe Cleaner gem

Step One:

Fold four of your pipe cleaners in half, then fold into the middle to create a diamond shape.

Diy pipe cleaner gem

Step Two:

Use a glue gun to glue ends together to make whole diamonds.

Diy Pipe cleaner gem

Step Three:

Slot on diamond inside the other and glue at the top and bottom

Diy Pipe cleaner gem

Step Four:

Repeat until all diamonds are stuck together.

Diy Pipe cleaner gem

Step Five:

Grab the fifth pipe cleaner and thread it into the centre of your gem, glue it inside the fold of each diamond joining it up as you go round.

Diy Pipe cleaner gem

Step Six:

Take your silver thread and cut off a length. Thread it through the top of your gem and tie to create a loop to hang your gem up with.

Diy Pipe cleaner gem

Diy Pipe cleaner gem


Hang your gem somewhere fabulous for everyone to see! Why not make lots of gems in different colours and make them into bunting!


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