DIY Pineapple Stamped Notebook

DIY Pineapple Stamped Notebook.

Here’s the first of the totally tropical DIYs that corresponds with the July Glittery Hands Box. I’m using a foam sticker to create a pineapple stamped notebook. Perfect for back to school or for making your notebook look chic at work!

You could use any foam stickers to create this DIY, I decided to use a pineapple (Because who doesn’t love a pineapple!) But any shape would work just as well!

You Will Need:

*Can be found in The July Glittery Hands Box

Pineapple notebook

Step One:

Peel the backing off of your pineapple sticker and stick it to your stamping block. If you haven’t got a stamping block, a piece of cardboard would work too!

Pineapple Notebook1

Step Two:

Use your sponge to add a thin layer of paint onto the sticker. Be sure to dab off any excess paint to get a cleaner looking finish.
IMG_1923 copy

Press the stamp down onto your notebook, use pressure from both hands to get an even stamp.

Step Three:

Repeat the process until you have your desired pineapple pattern.
IMG_1924 copy

Step Four:

I decided to add the tassel in for extra fabulousness. I just used a little bit of tape on the inside of the cover to secure it into place. A person can never have enough tassels in their life!

IMG_1928 copy

IMG_1929 copy

IMG_1935 copy

Find out more about The Glittery Hands Box Here!

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