DIY Party Hat

DIY Party Hat

Who doesn’t love a party hat? No party is complete without one!

I’ve made a simple template to help you bring fabulousness to any party! You can decorate your hat to match any occasion from new year to important birthdays, no one need miss out on a party hat!

This DIY is made in conjunction with the December Glittery Hands Box- Find out more about this awesome craft subscription box here!

You will need:

Step one:

Download and print out the Free template, Find it here!

Cut out the template onto pretty card.

Step Two:

Join the hat together into a cone shape, then secure inside with glue.

Step Three:

Possibly the most important part! Decoration!

Go to town decorating your hats, you could personalise them, add pom poms, glitter, the more the merrier!

I decided to cut two strips of card, which I cut into fringing. I then added a bit of sassiness to the top with some strips of card.

The finally went to town with the sequins!

You could make these in all sorts of different colours to fit your party theme!

Secure to a headband or add elastic to secure to your party goers heads!

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