DIY Paper Gems

DIY Paper Gems

I feel like paper gems are on of those things I’m going to become obsessed with making like I did with quote garlands last year (actually all of the time). They are so easy to do, and take less than ten mins which is a bonus for any craft. They are perfect for so many occasions and with Christmas coming up, it will be the perfect time to up our paper gem game!

You will need:

*Found in the September Glittery Hands Box


Step One:

Cut out the template out, try to be as accurate as you can.


Step Two:

Lay the template on top f the blank side of your card or paper, and cut out.img_2512-copy

Step Three:

Get folding! Fold along all of the lines, trying to get a good clean fold.

Step Four:

Add glue to the flaps and stick together. If you want to hang your gems, Cut a length of string, tie it into a loop and add it into the top of your gem before sealing.


Why not make a load with different papers and hang them up?img_2526-copy


Find out more about The Glittery Hands Box Here!

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