DIY Paper Flowers

DIY Paper Flowers

Paper flowers are so pretty and are┬ásurprisingly easy to make. I’ve created a petal template to make creating paper flowers even easier, You can print off your own free copy here.

You will need:

IMG_2115 copy

Step One:

Pick the petals you want to work with and cut them out. You can work with a selection of petals to create interesting flower shapes or stick with one shape to keep it simple.

IMG_2117 copy

Step two:

Use your templates to cut out petals from crepe paper. Fold the crepe paper to make cutting a bulk set of petals easier. You will need at least 20 of each petal.

IMG_2119 copy

Step three:

Take your wire stem, add some glue to the bottom of one side of the petal and pinch it around the wire. Repeat this process going around the wire in circles placing the petals on top of the ones below not letting them creep down the stem.

IMG_2122 copy

Step Four:

Work from the inside out adding bigger petals to the outside of the paper flower.

Once complete don’t be afraid to pull out the petals and pinch them to give the paper flower a more natural look.

IMG_2405 copy

You could add your paper flower to a hair pin or make a flower crown!

IMG_2406 copy

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