DIY Mini Witches Hat

DIY Mini Witches Hat

Who doesn’t secretly wish they were a witch? I certainly spend far too much time thinking how great it would be. If only my Hogwarts letter hadn’t got lost in the post!

However, Halloween is the perfect time to get away with flaunting your undiscovered witch powers! Which is why I’ve created this super easy witch hat, so you can be busy gathering a coven, choosing a familiar and practicing those all important spells, Whilst still looking fabulous in this super cute hat.

You will need:


Step One:

Using the free downloadable template on A4 Paper, Cut out the circle and semi-circle.img_3350-copy

Step Two:

Join the flat edge of the semi-circle to make a cone shape. Glue together with the glue gun or double sided tape.


Step Three:

Cut centimetre long slits into the bottom of your card cone.


Step Four:

Fold the slits under, then glue the cone to the circular base using a glue gun.


Step Five:

Glue sequins to the rim of your hat or decorate however you choose. It’s up to you witches!img_3364-copy

Step Six:

Glue two Hair grip blanks to the bottom of your hat, so that you can slide it onto your hair and party the night away! You could always add a fabulous ribbon instead!


img_3381-copy(Here’s me looking pretty smug that my new hair matches this hat perfectly!)

Download the template for free here!

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