DIY Metallic Beaded Tassel

DIY Metallic beaded tassel

Here’s the second of the DIY’s that correspond to the May Glittery Hands Box. The Glittery Hands Box is a monthly craft subscription box perfect for sassy crafters! This month’s theme is ‘Cosmic adventure so I wanted to create something spacey that reminded me of shooting stars and planets so I decided to make a DIY metallic beaded Tassel, using the metallic thread and beads from this months box.

Tassels are big news this summer and are always the perfect addition to a notebook, planner or keyring. Here’s how to make your own cosmic tassel!

You will need:

  • Silver Metallic Thread*
  • Scissors
  • Space Beads*

IMG_9283 copy

Step One:

Un wrap your metallic thread and fold it 20 times, working to a length of around 15cm.

Cut off your thread, so that you are left with one big folded group of threads.

IMG_9285 copy

Step Two:

Fold the whole group of threads in half in the centre.

IMG_9286 copy

Tie a thread around the central fold, leave a loop at the top so that you can hang your tassel later. Let the loose threads from your knot become part of the thread party, dont worry about cutting them off or hiding them.

IMG_9287 copy

Step Three:

Grab another length of thread, tie it in a know around the whole of your folded threads, to create a tassel! be sure to leave a loop of 2cm at the top, then start wrapping around until you have a centimetre of wrapped goodness. Tuck in any loose threads and let them hang out with the rest of the thread gang.

IMG_9288 copy

Step Four:

Take some scissors and trim the bottom of your tassel, cutting free any loose pieces and ensuring all threads are the same length.

IMG_9289 copy

Step Five:

Take your beautiful space beads and thread them onto random strands of the tassel. Secure with two granny knots. Add as many as you want!

IMG_9291 copy

Step Six:

Hooray for tassels! Enjoy your beautiful tassel, wave it around or attach it to something so you can take a look at it every day!

IMG_9295 copy

IMG_9297 copy


Find out more about The Glittery Hands Box here!

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